Patrick Ceyssens


Veldstraat 12 3530 Houthalen Belgium

education & experience

Independent artist since 1987

Docent Mad Faculty ( University college Hasselt ) Course: Image Analysis

Currently working on a PhD at the University of Hasselt / PHL University College

Guest lecturer University Hasselt EDM ‘Image-analysis’

Guest lecturer Erasmus University College Brussels : RITS Tutor in location projects

Founder & Artistic Director, Villa Basta

Founder & Artistic Director ‘Bastart’ ( platform for Young artists )


Arts Grammar School , Brussels : Tutor in audiovisual techniques and media culture

Education Royal Academy of fine Arts, Ghent Belgium Painting and Graphics

exhibitions & installations

'40th European Conference on Visual Perception'. Expo & lecture. ECVP 2017, Berlin, Germany. 27–31 August 2017 (D)

'CELIBATAIRE DIVAS'i.s.m. kunstgalerij De Mijlpaal .Hedendaagse kunst in Herkenrode Refuge. 1 juli - 3 september 2017 ( B )

'Expo solo: Patrick Ceyssens'  Septembre / Octobre 2017  Bogert Gallery Knokke ( B )

‘Gradient’ april/may 2017  Gallery De Mijlpaal. Group exhibition. ( B )

‘Hopping in Time/Space/Place: Deepstepping, Outshooting,
Introporting, Down-collapsing’ December 2016 University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU ( ES ) Lecture and presentation work

‘Tree of life’ December 11 /January 29 - 2016/2017 Gallery De Mijlpaal . Group exhibition. ( B )

"Hopping in Time/Space/Place: "Deepstepping, Outshooting, Introporting, Down-collapsing" 1/2 september 2016 Art and Design Academy Liverpool ( UK) Lecture and presentation work

‘New areas within the image and image thinking: The artist’s perspective.’ 26/29 august 2016 CosmoCaixa (Science Museum) University Barcelona ( SP) Presentation work / research and expo

Fieldnotes and dirty drawings 14/30 april 2016 Expo with FRAME Z33 Hasselt ( B )

Expo:Patrick Ceyssens Bogert Gallery Knokke ( B ) 15 may / 27 june 2016

Expo Poortgebouw Abdijsite Herkenrode Opening 29-01-(2016) B

Push te Button: On tunnels and mountains – a case of polyphonic focus Sixth International Conference on The Image Media Materiality: Towards Critical Economies of “New” Media Clark Kerr Conference Center, University of California at Berkeley 29-30 October (2015) USA

(On)voltooid Verleden Tijd Symposium & presentation shortfilms Museum M Leuven 28-10-(2015) B

'Image Talks#3' Patrick Ceyssens & Kristof Vrancken Gallery De Mijlpaal 04-05-2015 Heusden-Zolder (2015) B

‘Images are the new thinking #2’ Solo Gallery Light Cube: 22-03-2015 - 26.04.2015, Ronse ( 2015) B

‘Kunst in de kamer’ VOKA Limburg 25.02.2015 – 25.05.2015, Hasselt (2015) B

‘A Belgian Politician’ Marion De Cannière Art Space, Antwerp (2015) B 20.02.2015 – 21.03.2015

‘Images are the new thinking #1’ Solo Gallery Judy Straten : 01-02-2015 - 14.03.2015, Horst (2015) NL

'In store #2' Gallery Judy Straten From November 29 / to 19 January, with a focus on inspiration and the way of thinking of the artists/ designers. (2014) NL

‘Thinking through images #2’ Presentation work + lecture Bilbao Fine Arts Faculty (2014) ES

‘ I wanna get behind the paint’. Solo exhibition Gallery ‘De coöperatieve’ Curator Judy Straten, Hasselt (2014) B

‘Thinking through images’ Presentation work + lecture International Image conference , Berlin (2014) D

‘Artist in residence’ ‘Round a Roundabout’ with Wouter Hendrickx, Barbara & Stefanie Claes, Nico Boon, Roeland Luyten, Prof.dr. Philippe Bekaert TAKT Neerpelt ( 2014 ) B

‘Gallery Judy Straten ‘ Review Maastricht ( 2014 ) NL Group expo with Patrick Ceyssens, Ellen Urselmann, Clementine Oomes

'In store' Gallery Judy Straten From November 29 / to 19 January, with a focus on inspiration and the way of thinking of the artists/ designers. (2013) NL

‘In-Images #2' Winner Integrated artwork VIPA (Flemish Community) Vzw Daidalos (2013) B

‘From a mimesis to a mental matrix’ Exhibition and workshop The international Image conference Chicago ( IL) (2013) USA

‘An inside view’ Group exhibition MAD faculty (2013) B

‘Beyond art and design’ Group exhibition & lecture Gallery De Mijlpaal (2013)B

‘Eclectic Art Fair’ Bruges (2012)B Gallery Light Cube

‘SCRATCCH’ Gallery Light Cube Ronse (2012)B Group exhibition with Yves Beaumont, Marc Cordenier, Trees De Mits, Lode Laperre, Bart Vandevijvere, Marieke Van Edom, Yves Velter en Hendrik Vermeulen.

‘RECONVERSE #1’ -Parallelprogramme MANIFESTA 9 - ( 2012)B Group exhibition with Pieter Geenen, Joris Perdieus, Liesje Reyskens, Remco Roes, Jonny Vekemans, Kristof Vrancken

‘Art in the city’ Vandervoort, Mol, Antwerp ( 2011)B With: Jan Hoet, Wouter Hendrickx,…

‘From a mimesis to a mental matrix’ Exhibition and lecture Columbia University college Chicago (2011)USA

‘Second view’ Gallery DS Contemporary (2011)B Paintings, video, mixed media

‘Mezelfportret / myselfportrait’ Installation (2010)B Festival:’Theater op de markt’ Z 33 Hasselt

‘In/Images’ (solo) Paintings & Video i.p.w. Johan Vandebosch & Stef Stes and workplace for visual artists FLACC Genk CC Velinx Tongeren ( 2010 )B

‘Mezelfportret / Myselfportrait’ Installation (2010)B Productionplatform Takt Concept & Images: Patrick Ceyssens, Ward Rooze & Rolf Mulder Actor: Wouter Hendrickx Video: Stef Stes

'Transitions' Gallery Judy Straten (solo) Paintings & mixed media Horst (2009)NL

‘Lichtgevoelig’ Groupsexhibition (2010)B

‘Patrick Ceyssens’ PCC Dommelhof Neerpelt (2008/2009)B (solo) paintings & mixed media & video

‘Outside-Inside’ Gallery De Stijl (2008)B Groupexhibition CC Ter Dilft Bornem ( Antwerp)

‘Outside-Inside’ Gallery De Stijl MUZE (2008)B Group-exhibition With.: Tinka Pittoors, Yves Beaumont, Carole Vanderlinden, Christine Philipp

'Startcube' Temse (2008)B

‘Patrick Ceyssens’ Gallery Judy Straten (solo) Paintings & mixed media Grubbenvorst (2007)NL

Work in public Space Houthalen- Helchteren (2007)B

Gallery De Stijl (solo) Paintings & mixed media Heusden-Zolder (2007)B

‘Het uur 0’ Theatreproduction-coaching Production: Villa Basta Muziek: Piet Depessemier, Gert Stinckens,… (2007)B

'Vice Versa' L'art vers l'Endoit Esquelbecq (2006)FR

'Partcours 2006' art-project Diksmuide / Esquelbecq (2006)FR